Paper Craft is back!

Digital Fiction - Horror collectionIf you missed my short story, Paper Craft, when it came out in the Ragnarok anthology, That Hoodoo, Voodoo That You Do, I’m happy to announce that it’s making a second appearance over on

I also have to brag a little, and post this review quote:

“…Paper Craft by Leigh Saunders, was a perfect way to round up the anthology. I loved the way the story was structured, alternating between the past and present, and thought the ritualistic element was fascinating.

I also couldn’t help but instantly like the main heroine, Tracy. She’s not a witch, or a sorceress, or a Voodoo Queen. No, she’s a woman using her extraordinary gift to help those around her. The final image of the story was beautiful and magnificently described, and will no doubt stay with you for a long, long time…” 

S. R. Manev, Amazon reviewer

Browse on over to Digital Fiction Pub – and you can read Paper Craft and a whole lot of other great, short fiction – absolutely free!

Can’t beat that!