Memoirs of a Synth

Tour guide, emissary, diplomat, thief – and a long-lived, genetically engineered Synth – Brianna Rei travels the Hundred Worlds, changing identities at will, hiding in plain sight. She knows her survival depends on staying one step ahead of the bounty hunters who have nearly exterminated her kind. It is only by her wits that she’s survived through the turmoil and adventures of the past five hundred years.

In the Memoirs of a Synth series, Brianna shares her stories with us.

"Memoirs of a Synth: Gold Record," a novel by Leigh SaundersGold Record

In Gold Record, the first full-length novel in the Memoirs of a Synth series, Brianna is celebrating her three-hundred-seventeenth birthday when she meets Jerrold McKell, and together they take off in pursuit of a rare collector’s item: the Voyager Gold Record. But along the way, Brianna discovers something much more rare, and to her, much more valuable: what it means to be truly human.

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"Memoirs of a Synth: Firstdawn," a short story by Leigh Saunders




In the short story, Firstdawn, Brianna is in hiding on the planet Kita. When she returns home to discover an unexpected visitor, she knows it’s time to disappear again; but will the final demands of friendship cost her more than she is willing to pay?

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Reader Review

“…I was immediately engaged by the other-world setting and the characters. So much “hard” SF leaves me blurry-eyed as one unfamiliar thing piles on top of another, but Saunders makes her far-future worlds as real and accessible as a book set in the here and now, never letting the action lag as Brianna faces hard choices that require all of her considerable resources to survive. I hope we’ll see more of both Brianna and the worlds she inhabits in the future. Five Stars.” (posted on Amazon by Susan J. Hidley)